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    • Accountability and drinking-water in rural New Zealand. 

      Barrett, J.; Narraway, G. (2010)
      Most New Zealanders enjoy access to high quality drinking-water, but residents of small, rural towns commonly do not have access to drinking-water that meets the bacterial standards recommended by the Ministry of Health. ...
    • Anthropometric surrogaes for fatness and health. 

      Marfell-Jones, M. J.; Nevill, A.; Stewart, A. (2012)
    • Measuring for Sport and Health. 

      Marfell-Jones, M. J. (2012)
    • Monitoring employees' health. 

      Walsh, M. (2006)
      It's important that an employer monitors the health and wellbeing of his employees and takes all practical steps to make sure their health and wellbeing isn't compromised by their exposure to hazards.
    • The Sovereign New Zealand Wellbeing Index. 

      Jarden, A.; MacKay, L.; White, K.; Schofield, G.; Duncan, S.; Williden, M.; Hone, L.; McPhee, J. (2013)
      This article outlines the development, methodology, and some preliminary results of the Sovereign New Zealand Wellbeing Index (SNZWI) - a web-based observational longitudinal study of 10,000 adults aged 18 years and over ...
    • The international wellbeing study: Development, challenges and initial findings. 

      Jarden, A. (2010)
      Discusses the wellbeing study. Researchers have devoted decades to understanding what leads some people to be healthier than others. However, most people have only studied disease and disorder and failed to also address ...