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dc.contributor.authorBowker, N.
dc.contributor.authorBrown, C.
dc.identifier.citationBowker, N., & Brown, C. (2010). Constructing the self in multiple online environments for work and play: A call for participants. In Tertiary Writing Network Colloquium, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand.
dc.description.abstractThe textual capacity of online spaces with the application of a graphics interface enable a wide variety of social contexts for interacting with others and presenting one�s self. As educators teaching, collaborating as well as spending leisure time in online spaces, there are increasing opportunities for overlap between work and social life. Using Goffman�s (1959) theory about the embeddedness of impression management in everyday life, each online context offers a separate space for professionalising the self. This paper introduces an exploratory study seeking to understand how educators manage the advantages and difficulties of self-presentation within diverse social contexts.
dc.subjectOnline environments
dc.subject.other330000 Education
dc.subject.other280000 Information, Computing and Communication Sciences
dc.titleConstructing the self in multiple online environments for work and play: A call for participants
dc.typeConference Paper
opnz.createdColloquium held 2-3 December.
opnz.formatTertiary Writing Network Colloquium
opnz.hasVersionVictoria University, Wellington, New Zealand

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