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    • Psychometric properties of the Flourishing Scale. 

      Hone, L.; Jarden, A.; Schofield, G. (2013)
      The Flourishing Scale (FS; Diener et al. in Soc Indic Res 97(2):143–156, 2010) was developed to assess psychological flourishing, which can be conceived of as a social-psychological prosperity incorporating important aspects ...
    • The Sovereign New Zealand Wellbeing Index. 

      Jarden, A.; MacKay, L.; White, K.; Schofield, G.; Duncan, S.; Williden, M.; Hone, L.; McPhee, J. (2013)
      This article outlines the development, methodology, and some preliminary results of the Sovereign New Zealand Wellbeing Index (SNZWI) - a web-based observational longitudinal study of 10,000 adults aged 18 years and over ...