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dc.contributor.authorBowker, N.
dc.contributor.authorTuffin, K.
dc.contributor.editorFielding, N.
dc.identifier.citationBowker, N., & Tuffin, K. (2009). Using the online medium for discursive research about people with disabilities. In N. Fielding (Ed.), Interviewing II (Vol. 1), (pp. 225-271). London, England: Sage.
dc.description.abstractOnline interviews are deemed an effective and appropriate approach for accessing discourse about the online experiences of people with disabilities. Some of the central arguments in support of conducting discursive research online, a type of qualitative approach, are delineated. Various practical benefits are considered for researchers, as well as participants--especially those with disabilities. Ethical issues surrounding access to, and the analysis of, readily available data in online communities are brought to the fore. In light of ethical dilemmas surrounding naturalistic data collection online, an alternative approach is offered, which utilizes online interviews with people with disabilities about their online experiences. A description of the data-collection process is given, including participants and recruitment, materials and procedures, rapport building, and security and ethics. Reflections on the process highlight how methodological pitfalls were managed and, in some cases, resolved.
dc.relation.ispartofInterviewing II (Vol. 1)
dc.relation.ispartofseriesSage benchmarks in social research methods
dc.subjectSocial research
dc.subjectQualitative research
dc.subject.other220000 Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts - General
dc.subject.other370000 Studies in Human Society
dc.titleUsing the online medium for discursive research about people with disabilities.
dc.typeBook Chapter
opnz.creatorLondon, England

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