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dc.contributor.authorHowland, P.
dc.contributor.authorTaylor, D.
dc.identifier.citationHowland, P., & Taylor, D. (2010). Team-based creative learning and social science. In 9th Conference of the New Zealand Association of Bridging Educators, Wellington, New Zealand.
dc.description.abstractFrustrated by high student attrition and failure rates - both course-specific and overall within Victoria University of Wellington's (VUW) Level 4 bridging programme - I introduced team-based, creative learning exercises and assessments into the social science elective (UP016) within VUW's University Preparation programme. The introduction of team-based, creative learning (TBCL) has resulted in improved student retention and course pass rates for UP016 and has had positive socio-educational outcomes for both students and teachers. This paper discusses the rationales behind the introduction of TBCL; the operational mechanics (e.g. group formation) of TBCL; problems encountered and consequent refinements made; and the comparative success of TBCL within UP016.
dc.subjectTeam-based creative learning (TBCL)
dc.subjectCreative learning
dc.subjectRetention and completion in education
dc.subject.other330000 Education
dc.subject.other220000 Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts - General
dc.titleTeam-based creative learning and social science.
dc.typeConference Paper
opnz.contributor �
opnz.createdConference held 29th September - 1st October. Theme - Making the links : learning, teaching and high quality student outcomes. Title of paper also cited as : Team-based creative learning, social science and bridging education.
opnz.format9th Conference of the New Zealand Association of Bridging Educators
opnz.hasVersionWellington, New Zealand

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