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dc.contributor.authorGrant, R.
dc.identifier.citationGrant, R. (2013, August). Peer Mentoring: An Effective Approach to Enhancing Student Engagement and Successen
dc.descriptionPresentation at Open Polytechnic 2013 Learning Conference : Engaging Learners.en
dc.description.abstractPeer mentoring is well established as an effective learning support strategy in tertiary education. Not only do mentoring programmes for first-year students contribute to increased self-esteem, confidence and academic achievement, but also students who participate in such programmes report increased feelings of belonging and a successful transition to university. Furthermore, mentoring programmes have been proven to have a positive impact on the engagement and success of distance learners. In an effort to improve the successful course completion rates, initially of students in selected courses and afterwards of first-year students in all courses, in 2005 the Learning Centre developed a student peer mentoring programme and have subsequently further developed and refined it. This presentation will discuss the impact of the programme on students in terms of engagement and success.en
dc.subjectPeer mentoringen
dc.subjectPeer mentoring programmeen
dc.subjectStudent engagementen
dc.subjectStudent successen
dc.titlePeer Mentoring: An Effective Approach to Enhancing Student Engagement and Successen

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