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dc.contributor.authorLarsen, R.
dc.contributor.authorHarris, K.
dc.contributor.authorTongue, S.
dc.identifier.citationLarsen, R., Harris, K., Tongue, S. (2013, August). Developing Interactive Digital Media: Lessons Learneden
dc.descriptionPresentation at Open Polytechnic 2013 Learning Conference : Engaging Learners.en
dc.description.abstractThe tutors from the Real Estate team recognised there was an opportunity to use technology more extensively to better engage our learners to be successful in their studies. Following the necessary approvals via the business case/strategic mandate process they embarked on the development of an application for digital media for each of the 11 courses of the salespersons' programme. This is currently only available on iPad. In partnership with Education Technology they are adapting the written materials to an interactive application. This presentation will focus on the lessons learned on the journey and end with a demonstration of the wonderful learning resource they have created.en
dc.subjectStudent engagementen
dc.subjectDigital mediaen
dc.titleDeveloping Interactive Digital Media: Lessons Learneden

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