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dc.contributor.authorBarrett, J.
dc.contributor.authorBourke, J.
dc.identifier.citationBarrett, J. & Bourke, J. (2013). Managing for inclusion: engagement with an ageing workforce. Employment Relations Record 13(1), 13-24.en
dc.description.abstractThe demographic shift towards an ageing population will necessitate increased numbers of people remaining in employment beyond the traditional retirement age of 65. Management approaches and practices will need to adapt to the changing age distribution in the workplace. In particular, attitudinal barriers to older worker employment must be overcome. Managers will face significant challenges in engaging, not only with the ageing workforce, but also in pursuing equity in intergenerational employment relations. Adopting a specific New Zealand focus but with general application, this article argues that these challenges also bring opportunities for developing human resource management practices in productive and equitable ways. Drawing on research into workplace diversity, the article outlines these challenges and opportunities, and explores ways of managing for inclusion in the face of an ageing workforce.en
dc.subjectAgeing workforceen
dc.subjectEmployment relationsen
dc.titleManaging for inclusion: engagement with an ageing workforceen

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