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dc.contributor.authorHone, L.
dc.contributor.authorJarden, A.
dc.contributor.authorSchofield, G.
dc.identifier.citationHone, L., Jarden, A., & Schofield, G. (2013). Psychometric properties of the Flourishing Scale. Social Indicators Research, 114(2), 1-15.en
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dc.description.abstractThe Flourishing Scale (FS; Diener et al. in Soc Indic Res 97(2):143–156, 2010) was developed to assess psychological flourishing, which can be conceived of as a social-psychological prosperity incorporating important aspects of human functioning. This study takes the FS, which has previously been validated on convenience samples of students, and analyses the underlying structure, psychometric properties, and demographic norms using nationally-representative data from New Zealand’s Sovereign Wellbeing Index (n = 10,009; Human Potential Centre in Sovereign Wellbeing Index: New Zealand’s first measure of wellbeing. Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, 2013). Evidence for the reliability and validity of the FS is presented (Cronbach alpha) and its performance compared to other related scales and behaviors. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis demonstrated the one factor structure of the 8-item FS. Contemporary population norms for the FS are reported, providing a much-needed benchmark for estimation of population health and permitting cross-study and international comparisons. The study provides further evidence that the FS is a valid and reliable brief summary measure of psychological functioning, suited for use with a wide range of age groups and applications.en
dc.subjectSubjective well-beingen
dc.subjectFlourishing scaleen
dc.subjectFive ways to wellbeingen
dc.subjectPositive psychologyen
dc.titlePsychometric properties of the Flourishing Scale.en

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