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dc.contributor.authorBarrett, J.
dc.identifier.citationBarrett, J. (2013) Should New Zealand adopt hybrid social enterprise legislation? New Zealand Business Law Quarterly, 19(4), 253-269.en
dc.description.abstractIn response to the emergence of the social enterprise phenomenon, many jurisdictions have enacted legislation to permit formation of entities that incorporate features of both companies and traditional charities. This article considers whether New Zealand should adopt similar legislation. After outlining the concept of social enterprise, the article sketches hybrid social enterprise companies in the United Kingdom and the United States, and weighs up arguments for and against them. Consideration is then given to the desirability of social enterprise hybrid legislation in New Zealand and the factors that would need to be present to make such a law viable. It is concluded that calls for such legislation would be premature in New Zealand.en
dc.subjectSocial enterpriseen
dc.titleShould New Zealand adopt hybrid social enterprise legislation?en

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