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dc.contributor.authorStrongman, L.
dc.identifier.citationStrongman, L. (2015). Understanding the public and private of public and private partnerships. International Journal of Civic Engagement and Social Change, 2(2), 19–32.en_US
dc.description.abstractIdeas about the public realm arose from the emergence of the nation-state and the theories of sovereignty – a reaction to the claims of unrestrained power by monarchs and parliaments to make law and possibly to free the private spheres from the encroaching power of the state (Horwitz 1982). This article explores the nature of this paradox in delineating and commenting on the meanings of the shared boundaries of the terms ‘public and private' from within the context of the neoliberal critique of Keynesian policies. The public-private distinction is replete with variables such as ownership, impact on societal values, and openness to external influences within society (Perry and Rainey 1988). From an organisational communication perspective while Public and Private Partnerships may be efficient at achieving specific societal ends, they nevertheless may compromise important civic concepts in doing so.en_US
dc.subjectPublic partnershipsen_US
dc.subjectPrivate partnershipsen_US
dc.titleUnderstanding the public and private of public and private partnershipsen_US

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