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dc.contributor.authorNatanasabapathy, P.
dc.contributor.authorMaathuis-Smith, S.
dc.identifier.citationNatanasabapathy, P., & Maathuis-Smith, S. (2018, May 14). Philosophy of being and becoming: A transformative learning approach using threshold concepts. Educational Philosophy and Theory.
dc.description.abstractTransformation has been the fundamental basis upon which education has always stood, as without transformation in mind, education would seem purposeless and undirected. This would imply that the objective of providing information in education is not just to gain knowledge but to achieve the desired transformation in character or behaviour by applying the knowledge learnt within ourselves. Based on how information is interpreted and managed, the philosophy of information influences our states of being and becoming which have an impact on our understanding of the information world. This paper discusses the philosophical aspects of being and becoming in relation to transformation, and threshold concepts are explored as a means of achieving transformative learning. Copy and paste this link to view full text article
dc.subjectThreshold conceptsen_US
dc.subjectInformation managementen_US
dc.titlePhilosophy of being and becoming: A transformative learning approach using threshold concepts.en_US

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