Public housing and sustainable social advantage: Managerial issues.

dc.contributor.authorPeter, V. M.
dc.descriptionRefereed journal article.en
dc.description.abstractIt is evident that little systematic research has been applied following new public strategic management theory and Resource Based Theory (RBT) in the public sector context. This study provides an empirical examination using a mixed method of the evaluative process by using both primary and secondary data sources. To uncover causes and effects more effectively we have followed qualitative method, content analysis. Content analysis uncovers causes while secondary data, published outputs from Housing New Zealand Corporation, HNZC and Department of Housing and Works, DH(W) secondary data ‘percentage of satisfaction’ in these two organisations are used to uncover effects. Finally the study provides a contingency plan for minimising risk of loss making during economic downturn. A better understanding of the new strategic management development in the public sector context as a result of this paper will probably generate further research from both academic scholars and practitioners.en
dc.identifier.citationPeter, V. M. (2012). Public housing and sustainable social advantage: Managerial issues. Journal of Sustainable Development, 5(1), 33-46.en
dc.subjectStrategic managementen
dc.titlePublic housing and sustainable social advantage: Managerial issues.en
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