Mentoring: Finding and benefiting from the best mentoring method for you or your organisation

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Fields, A.
Mentoring methods
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Is mentoring right for you? There are many different mentoring methods and systems for mentoring; some used in the library profession, others used elsewhere. This presentation considers three key questions: What are the benefits from being in a mentoring relationship or system, What kinds of mentoring methods and systems are there, and Which one is the right one for you or your organisation? There are benefits to be gained from being mentored, and also from being a mentor. The benefits may focus on your current work, your longer-term career, your general growth and development in the profession or in leadership roles, or wider life beyond work. There is a wide range of mentoring methods and systems currently used in library, information and other professions: some will suit various stages of career, others for various types of personalities, and various working situations. There are mentoring methods and systems applicable for those in both large and small organisations, for those in cities and rural areas, for those beginning their working life and those who are well established in the profession. Working out which mentoring method or system will be the best one for you will depend on what your needs are, what you want to achieve, and your individual circumstances and career path. Organisational needs are also catered for with some mentoring systems. A range of formal and informal mentoring methods and systems are described, and examples of successful methods and systems are given.
Fields, A. J. (2007). Mentoring: Finding and benefiting from the best mentoring method for you or your organisation. In LIANZA 2007 Conference, Roturua, New Zealand.