The outcomes of changed delivery for a first-level accounting course.

dc.contributor.authorNarraway, G.
dc.description.abstractThis research was undertaken subsequent to a sudden, sharp fall in student success in two consecutive semesters of a first-year accounting course delivered by distance. The research aimed initially to investigate whether increased communication in the form of emails and web forums, reorganised course material, and increased self-assessment activities would have an effect on student persistence and retention. An analysis of the findings of the research revealed that students' academic outcomes were enhanced as a result of a higher level of tutorial support. Students who sat the final exam were surveyed the following semester concerning their contact with other students, their use of the online campus facility, and their reaction to self-assessment activities. Respondents' student records and participation in web-based communication were included to enhance analysis of the questionnaire. Only two respondents failed the course. Analysis showed that students valued the communication, that all but one worked alone, and that most used the self-assessment activities to some extent and were generally satisfied with the course and its facilitation. The retention rate and number of successful completions did increase in the semester and a higher percentage of students attained A grades than in the previous three semesters. The improvement in final grades indicated that the course lecturer's increased effort was in turn reflected in greater student effort.
dc.identifier.citationNarraway, G. (2004). The outcomes of changed delivery for a first-level accounting course (Working Papers No. 1-04). Lower Hutt, New Zealand: The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand.
dc.relation.ispartofseriesWorking Papers
dc.subjectCOurse delivery
dc.subject.other350000 Commerce, Management, Tourism and Services
dc.titleThe outcomes of changed delivery for a first-level accounting course.
dc.typeWorking Papers
opnz.bibliographicCitationThe Open Polytechnic of New Zealand
opnz.comformsToLower Hutt
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