Open learning for an open world: Reflections on open and distance learning and teaching at the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand.

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Seelig, C.
Barrett, J.
Nichols, M.
Kobeleva, P.
Strongman, L.
Young, R.
Mersham, G. M.
Maathuis-Smith, S.
Kovacic, Z.
Green, J. S.
Open and distance learning
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Foreword / Caroline Seelig -- Contributors -- Introduction / Jonathan Barrett -- Distance Education at the Open Polytechnic: The ?Institutional? Approach / Mark Nichols -- Instructional Design: Theory and Practice / Polly Kobeleva and Luke Strongman -- Research at the Open Polytechnic / Luke Strongman and Raymond Young, with Polly Kobeleva -- Introducing Augmented Reality Imaging into Paper-based Learning Materials for Engineering Trade Students / Gary Mersham and Sandra Maathuis-Smith -- Case Study: Developing an Automatic Grader of Advanced Office Skills / Zlatko Kovacic -- Case Study: Second Life Education New Zealand Project / John Green -- Case Study: Applying Real-time Assessment to Unit Standards / Brian Pascall -- Experiences of Teaching Faculty Enrolled in the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand?s Certificate in Designing and Facilitating E-learning / Rick Fisher, George Chipindiku and Sandra Maathuis-Smith -- Case study: Teaching Practices Discussion Group / Puvana Natanasabapathy -- Enhancing the Engagement and Success of Distance Students through Targeted Support Programmes / Ron Grant, Glenda Olivier, Caroline Rawlings and Catherine Ross -- Engaging Distance Students in Learning: What Matters to Students, What Motivates Them and How Can Engagement in Learning Be Fostered? / Catherine Ross -- Retention: A Critical Issue for Open and Distance Learning / Josephine Bourke, with Mark Nichols, John Veal, Les Morris, and Ken Marshall -- Student Use of Sources: A Collaborative Investigation of Resource Use in Psychology Assignments / Estelle Barnard and Nancy Evans Weaver -- Case study: Student Engagement and Library Use / Philip Clarke -- Open and Flexible Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Commonwealth Pacific Countries / Terry Neal -- Sustainability in Education: Is Distance Learning an Answer? / Josephine Bourke and Ormond Simpson -- Articulating E-pedagogy for Education / Mark Nichols
Seelig, C., Barrett, J., Nichols, M., Kobeleva, P., Strongman, L., Young, R., ... Simpson, O. (2011). Open learning for an open world: Reflections on open and distance learning and teaching at the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand. Lower Hutt, New Zealand: The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand.