ePortolios : current practice and future trends.

dc.contributor.authorNichols, M.
dc.description.abstractThis presentation considers ePortoflio use in the formal education sector, and provides an established practice look at implementing ePortfolios in education settings. The time has also come to ask serious questions about what ought to come next, so a number of issues that ePortfolio practitioners in the education sector will need to wrestle with in the years ahead are suggested, along with recommendations for anticipating developments.
dc.identifier.citationNichols, M. (2010). ePortolios : current practice and future trends. In Moodle (Mini) Moot, Wellington, New Zealand.
dc.subjectEducation sector
dc.subject.other330000 Education
dc.subject.other280000 Information, Computing and Communication Sciences
dc.titleePortolios : current practice and future trends.
dc.typeConference Paper
opnz.createdHeld 29 April.
opnz.formatMoodle (Mini) Moot
opnz.hasVersionWellington, New Zealand